Purpose of this website

This website is meant to support and help the ‘Untouchables’ (Dalit people) and the poorest people of India to empower themselves through the values of the ‘Kingdom of God’ such as ‘liberty’, ‘equality’ and ‘fraternity’

Plight of the ‘Untouchables’ (Dalit people) and the poorest people of India.

Even animals – both tame and wild – tend to give up their fight with their fellow animals of less valour. They are considerate toward and show pity to their weaker ones.

Whereas, a sane non-Dalit (a dominant caste person), feels so proud and very happy to humiliate and annihilate his fellow human being (an ‘Untouchable’, ie, a Dalit) who is more insecure and less equal.

Poor and insecure human beings throughout the world are treated as slaves; but the ‘Untouchables’ (Dalit people) of India have been treated worse than slaves for the past 800 years.

Gautama Buddha and Dr.B.R.Ambedkhar of India; Abraham Lincoln of USA.

United States of America is the most powerful nation in the world, today. It’s president Mr. Barak Obama, because of his office, is the most powerful person in the whole world. His parents are of mixed colour – while and black(African).

Except a very few native Americans, all the U.S citizens are settlers into that country.  These settlers include both Whites (Europeans) and Blacks (African people). While the White people were of the dominant class,  they treated the Black people as their slaves in the past.

Abraham Lincoln led the fight to liberate the Black people from their slavery, while many of his fellow White people supported him and were even prepared to lay down their lives for this noble cause. I regard them as ‘venerable human beings’ and honour them as ‘gods on earth’.

‘Untouchability’ in India is worse than the ‘slavery’ in America or elsewhere in the world. For about eight centuries the ‘Untouchables’ of India are an enslaved community. These ‘Untouchables’, unlike the Africans in America, are the ‘Sons of the Soil’. They were cunningly forced to become subjects of the Arian intruders, now known as Brahmins.

“It was Gautam Buddha, the one and the only warrior in India who fought relentlessly to eradicate the sin of ‘Untouchability’, thus attempting to inherently destroy casteism” (Dr.B.R.Ambedkar).

Again the situation returned to the former condition. With the conversion of the Emperor Ashoka into Buddhism, the practice of ‘Untouchability’ almost ceased to exist. After a very short span, the brahmins took hold of their dominance, succeeding to enforce the law of Manu smriti and Chaturvarnya.

Dr.B.R.Ambedkhar, the father of the Indian constitution, is the pioneer to initiate the new fight against ‘Untouchability’ in the modern times.  He is the greatest of all the wisest and the most intelligent and the most noble human beings in  human history.

In fact, no subject on earth was alien to Dr.B.R.Ambedkar. He is the greatest gift of God for India and for the whole world. He led the 60 million ‘Untouchables’ of his time to liberate themselves from the slavery of casteism. He is the greatest of all the prophets that God had sent into this world.

Though conceived with ‘Original Sin’, Dr.B.R,Ambedkhar chose to live a life of ‘Holiness’. If he were a Catholic, he would have been very easily and quickly raised to ‘Sainthood’.

Dr.B.R.Ambedkar mastered the sacred scriptures of all religions such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism etc. He could have even founded a new religion as the majority of the ‘Untouchables’ accepted him as a god. But he humbled himself and chose to become a Buddhist. Because, Buddha and Buddhism had the sole success in the fight against the sinful practice of ‘Untouchability’ and promoted the values such as liberty, equality and brotherhood in India.

It is a challenge to Christianity to eradicate Untouchability from the Indian society.

While Buddha never accepted himself a god, Jesus Christ declared himself the ‘Son of God’. (Jn 5:18, 10:33, 19:7)

To fight against caste discrimination and to annihilate ‘Untouchability’ in India is the true honour, glory and worship, that a disciple or a believer of Christ could offer to Jesus Christ the Son of God.

Sadly, while the Catholic Church, so far, has greatly struggled very hard to be ‘for the Poor’, Pope Francis has made a very bold statement of truth to identify the Catholic Church as the “poor Church of the Poor”.

More sadly, this has not become a reality in India. It is not the ‘poor Church of the Poor (the Dalits, ie, the Untouchables); but, ‘the poor church of the Power, ie, the dominant caste’. As the result, Jesus Christ, the ‘Son of God’ is slain by casteism and enslaved along with the ‘Untouchables’ by the dominant caste people.

Power of Christ, the ‘Son of God’ in India.

Jesus Christ is truly the Son of God. He is the messiah, the Saviour of the world. No human power, earthly power and the power of Hell can withstand the power of Jesus Christ.

But in India, the power of Jesus Christ, the ‘Son of God’ had been ridiculed, defeated and taken over by the power of ‘caste’ founded by Hindu religion and the dominant caste Christians of India.

Yes ! The dominant caste people of India are more powerful than the power of Jesus Christ in India. In India, Jesus Christ, therefore, has been made a failure by the dominant caste Christian leaders of India.

No wonder, why Christians are very meagre in India. Their growth is very slow or rather nil, now. The dominant caste Christian leaders are solely responsible for this; and all those who accept, support and promote non-Dalit leaders in India also have a share in this responsibility.

The words of Jesus should be applied to them, “Alas for you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You who shut up the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces, neither going in yourselves nor allowing others to go in who want to”(Mt 23:13).

Gautama Buddha behind the success story of Mr.Kansiram and Ms.Mayawati in Utterpradesh (India)

Justice, equality and fraternity are the three principles upon which Buddha’s life and teachings were based.

In India, it is the spirit of Buddha that caused the rise of Dalits and the fall of the evil practice of ‘Untouchability’.

It is the same spirit of Buddha still alive in India that made Dalit empowerment possible in Utterpradesh, the largest populated State of India.

Mr.Kansiram and Ms.Mayawati, reminding the names and powers of Gautama Buddha and Dr.B.R.Ambedkar, were able to organise all sections of the society (castes) along with the religious minorities in Utter Pradesh and got succeeded in capturing the reign of the State government.

Whereas, in the history of Independent India, there has been no one single legislative assembly seat, if not a parliamentary seat, captured in the name of Jesus Christ the ‘Son of God’ and King of the Universe.

Well, Jesus Christ was not a political leader. But, during his life on earth, he had ‘human dignity’ as his prime concern toward his fellow human beings. He taught his disciples to call God as their ‘Father’ and thus gave human beings the greatest honour even on earth. Whereas Dalits, his believers in India, are deprived of their human dignity on account of their birth into a certain ‘caste’, a man made evil.

Therefore, political empowerment of Dalits must be achieved to restore their lost human dignity. But the non-Dalit Christian leaders are so malignant toward their fellow Christian Dalit believers to live their anti-Christ attitude with their dominance over the Christian Dalit believers, thus willfully depriving their due human dignity.

This is indeed a great scandal in India. For, Jesus said, “But anyone who is an obstacle to bring down one of these little ones who have faith, would be better thrown into the sea with a great millstone round his neck” (Mk 9:42)

‘Paraiyar Education and Development Trust’, for the ‘annihilation of caste’ and to establish the ‘Kingdom of God’ in India.

It was to promote Dalit leadership within the Catholic Church and the Indian  society, I discern, that God has called me to be a priest  of His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ. And thus, the Kingdom of God that Jesus envisaged and to which He dedicated His life, could be realised in India.

Dalit leadership within the Catholic Church and within the Indian society is therefore inevitable to realise the dream of Jesus Christ and to fulfill God’s will on earth. Sadly the Catholic Church in India, controlled by the non-Dalits, regards Dalit leadership within itself as an ‘untouchable’ one and not surprisingly, obstructs in every way the Dalit leadership in the Indian society.

‘Annihilation of Caste’, therefore, is a divine act in India. ‘Kingdom of God’ in India is truly the substitution for ‘Annihilation of Caste’. Gautama Buddha  and his great disciple Dr.B.R.Ambedhar could not be fully successful even though they had dedicated their lives through their great power of intellect and courage. Because, they relied only on their own human power of intelligence and not on the power of God.

I firmly believe in the power of Christ the Son of God to eradicate ‘Untouchability’ through annihilation of Caste. It is only then, the Kingdom of God could make its presence in India. For this reason, I founded ‘Paraiyar Education and Development Trust’ in the year 2000.

Fr.Periyanayagam, a great gift of God to me


To me, Fr.Periyanayagam was a great genius. He was a man of few words, yet, gifted with deep insight and power of discernment.

I had given him freedom to think for me and discern for me. He did it. He was truly God’s special gift to me.

He was a very great support in my attempt to realise the kingdom of God in India through annihilation of caste.

We journeyed together in life, beginning from the year 1978. But God wanted me to journey only with him and therefore God took Fr.Periyanayagam away for Himself on 26-01-2006.